Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Hello Again!

After a long absence from blogging, I’m back. Well, I haven’t actually left the net, infact, it was, and still has 99% claim on my life (gawd, I sound pathetic).

Anyhoo, nothing new happening. Still haven’t taken a break from work in a long time, and no break this chrissy either. However, I’m heading to Colorado, USA in Jan. for a meeting, so that should be good. It is a free trip, and I can’t wait for the snow. Yay.

Oh, I did buy a new car recently, about it a couple of months ago. I love it. It’s a Honda Accord 3ltr V6. Its awesome, and it’s a reddish car, metallic red, what-ever you wanna call it. Find more info about the car here.

Jeez, the last time I blogged anything was in July. I guess a few things have changed since then. Apart from the up-coming trip to Colorado, and the new car, and trips to the Capital City (Canberra for you out-of-OZ pplz), just work has been taking up most of my time. I’ll do another post regarding some cool things on the net.

Watch for more.

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Twilight in the Mighty Ocean said...

Congrats! People mention things like this in the blog... :P!
an why dd u delete me from ur buddy list? very bad.