Sunday, April 23, 2006

CSS and JavaScript workshop - foundations of the new web

Russ Weakley and Cameron Adams are putting together an awesome workshop integrating CSS and JavaScript to help develop awesome new websites and web applications. I personally use a lot of AJAX on my web application at AM and DEC, and I think this will definately take over the web world soon.

In my opinion, this workshop is targetted at web developers who like to do things quick and dirty, who don't necessarily worry much about the backend styling, like using CSS. It is also targetted at designers who think CSS is much better than javascript to style the websites.

This workshop will show how these 2 main groups of people can come together and develop a much more better and future-enabled websites and applications using CSS and JavaScript.

The workshops will be held at all major cities in Australia, so it is definately worth checking it out. More info on Russ and Cameron are also available.

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