Monday, October 02, 2006

Day 0 - Semi-world adventure

Day 0 - 30 September 2006

So forgot to start posting earlier on regarding this trip i´m currently on. Well, more like been really busy coz i´m off for a while. So gonna make this 2 posts... So here goes...

As all, or most, of you know that i´ve been working on GBIF MAPA, funded by GBIF. Now that we´ve pretty much finished MAPA, it is now time to present this great collaboration project at GB13. This meeting is being held at the Boat club in Iquitos, Peru. I was stoked that i´ve now got an oppurtunity to finally go to South America, well, atleast a part of it anyways, ok more precisely, just one country :)

So I figured, i´ll go to a few places around South America like the Galapogos Is, Bolivia, Chile, etc, etc. But due to time constraints, work comitments and, well, nothing else, I´ve had to cut my trip a little short as all those trips meant time away from work, which means, well, a huge backlog. But on the other hand, my sis is currently on a world tour herself (which doesn´t include South America, so not really sure how that really qualifies as a world tour, but lets not get into that now), which means i get to meet her in New York after my tour of Peru.

So the plan is
- 5 days in
- 13 days on tour of Peru
- 4 days in NY with sis
- 3 days in Toronto with sis
- 4+ days in Frankfurt or around there

So yea, flight was about 36hrs :| with about 2-3hrs of sleep. It was a bloody long flight, left Sydney at 8am Saturday 30th October, went to Auckland, NZ for about 1hr stopover, then on a flight to Santiago, Chile, with an 8hr stopover, and yet another flight to Lima, Peru and then a 6hr stopover, then onto yet another flight to Iquitos, Peru, finally, the destination. It´s pretty different here compared to Sydney, but I guess I´ll talk about that in the next section.

cheers all

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