Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day 6 - Semi-world adventure

Day 6 - 06 October 2006

Today was a day of travel. Morning flight to Lima from Iquitos. As always, I guess, the flight was late. Got to Lima, and lets just say it was totally different to Iquitos. I was kinda missing Iquitos already, but was trying to have an open mind. Heck I have had an open mind to everything. This was my first trip that i've done outside my norm.

Most of the day Paul and I went around the city of Lima with a guide and Alex. Alex is from Melbourne, and yea, I think all you Aussies should know from that :p. Sorry Alex, had to say it.

Paul was still sick and was debating weather to go out to tour the city or not. Eventually we did. We went to the San Fransisco, and checked out the cathedral. Paul wasnt that keen, as he was sick and he was that keen anyways. But once we got to the catacombs, it all changed. It was nice. Seen all the various bones and skulls of the 25000 bodies burried there. They were all neatly arranged which was a bit wierd as.. i dunno, it was just wierd.

Paul got lost for a bit, but yea, after finding him, went back to the hotel as he really wasnt feeling too well.

After a bit, that and a bit of lunch, it was time to meet the tour group. Met some of the people as not everyone had arrived by then. We went out for dinner and drinks and it was great from the start. I had a feeling I was in a great group.

We had 3 from Australia, 4 from Canada, 1 Swiss, 2 from Ireland, 2 from UK, and 4 from US. The age range varied from 22 to 50-something. It was defo fun. Will post the pics and names of everyone in the next blog (probably when i get back to AU as the computer i'm on has no usb.. bugger).

after drinks, went off to bed as had an early flight to Cuzco, our base place for the tour. Lima was our meeting and departing spot.


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