Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day 3 - Semi-world adventure

Day 3 - 03 October 2006

The day we were really in Iquitos, Peru for. The day Paul had to give a final presentation to the GBIF community about the GBIF MAPA project. Paul was a bit nervous, so I think I gave him a few words of encouragments, told him how if he can survive working with me, then he shouldn't have any problems doing a presentation. I'm pretty sure I could be making it up, but for the moment lets just assume I've done that, unless Paul comments on this blog saying that was all crap :p.

So after hearing what Donald had to say about what he was working on at GBIF which i was in awe as he was doing very similar things to what we've already done, it was Paul's turn. It was fine. I was sitting beside Joanne (the AU head-delegate).

Then it was the moment I was really waiting for. The Pxyis guys who got the other grant for the year. It was their presentation. Paul mentioned their presentation was a bit off in Cape Town. So I was really interested in what they've actually done, and believe me, IMHO, their presentation was a bit of a disaster. Nothing worked fine, they tried to do live demo. hahah.. suckers :p.. sorry, just had to say it. The main reason for my interest was that it didnt work for me when I tried it out before I headed into this presentation, and I figured I was missing something basic. I was happy to know that their app itself was kinda crap. They, however, kinda had the right idea i think, but yea, not really sure how it will help the biodiversity world. At the presentation, the guy kept saying "we get a lot of grant from the Canadian govt, so what you guys gave us are just peanuts", so it makes me wonder, why the heck did they even apply for the darn grant. Ah well, not my problem. I'm happy the team at the Australian Museum and Colorado Uni did a bloody great job. I'm proud guys..

So after the presentation, Paul and I were contemplating if we should go to one of these conservation areas. It was quite expensive (it was about US$300 for 2 days 1 night). Manuel gave us another option was was a bit cheaper US$200 for the same amount of time. This was in the amazon, and it was one of the best decisions.

So Manual took us to yet another small market and showed us around. Paul and I then headed back to the city square to the hotel, paid for the amazon trip who suggested they'd pick us up the next morning. Happy about that, Paul and I went off to grab some drinks and then meeting Manuel for more drinks.. Ended up having dinner with Otego and Frank (from Species 2000) meeting us for drinks and dinner at this river restaurant. It was an awesome experince. We had to catch a small boat to the restaurant which was neat. All 5 of us went back to the city for some GBIF fun night, dancing away to some great music. Will update this blog with some pics when i get back to reality. The music was great, my dance partner was even better.. Paul was really happy he got to dance with Hemina from Columbia :p After the dancing Manuel and Otego took Paul and I out for some real fun places. It was really wierd. And we were out until past 3am. Man these guys know how to party.

Then headed off to bed, needed some sleep as Paul and I had to leave fairly early to go to the amazon.

Yet another fun day...


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