Thursday, October 19, 2006

Day 7 - Semi-world adventure

Day 7 - 07 October 2006

Got up nice and early today. This is the day I meet the rest of the group that didnt turn up the night before. Met Paul at breakfast. He was feeling a little better, but not quite right. He was just gonna take it easy today and get himself fit for his tour. Felt a bit sorry for him. He is a lot more energytic that I am, yet here I am a lot more exicted and feeling better than him. Figured, hoped, he'd be fine. So had my last Peru breakfast with him. It was nice. He can see me all excited about my group. I had a feeling I had defo a good group, big but still a good group.

After breakfast, all of us go onto the small bus to head off to the airport to go to Cuzco. I still didnt know some of the folks who were on the tour. Although I did say hi to them all. We got to Cuzco, and got picked up by Boris, the GAP contact at Cuzco. He seemed to be a nice guy. He took us on a very brief tour of the city before dropping us at the hotel, Hotel Prisma. It was alright. Infact, Paul wanted to be on the same tour as me. He thought it would be amuzing coz he knows i've never been in a hotel that is less that 4.5stars and camping thing with no toilets around ;) Actually, he was really worried about me going up over 10000 ft of hiking as i was in a bad shape in Colorado.

So once we got to the hotel, Boris talked to us about the tour. This is when I knew who was continuing with me to the Amazon and who was leaving us back in Cuzco after the trek.

So here are the names who were on the tour with me..

- Aaron and Ashley, California, USA

- John H and Lucy, UK

- Brian and Gil, Ireland

- David and Vi, Canada

- Jennifer, Colorado, USA

- Dil and Sunjiv, Canada

- John C, Miami, USA

- Anna, Swizz

- Alex, Melbourne, Australia

- Sarah, Melbourne, Australia

So lunch time, we all head off to a lunch place.. this small place that was really nice. Ended up staying about 3-4hrs talking and mainly there was only 1 cook doing all the 16 dishes - entrees and mains. We talked a lot more, getting to know each other..

After lunch, everyone split up into small groups, I ended up with Jen, Sarah and Dil. That was fun. We took a small tour around the city. and a few pics. Posted a couple of pics of Jen ealier on here.

End of the day, i think everyone was kinda tired and still a bit full from lunch, so gave up on dinner. However, Jen, Dil, Sunjiv and I ended up going to this very small place to have these small pizzas. The "cute old man" (as the girls put it) said he made the best and the fastest pizzas in the whole of cuzco (or was that the world.. umm.. ) well, yea, wasnt that quick and wasnt that great either.. or maybe that was just me as i wasnt really interested in eating. After that we were craving for some icecream or cake which the old man did not sell. So Dil and I went to a shop which was a couple doors (but with our sense of direction, kinda got lost and found it by accident when we gave up looking for it :p). So I asked for 2 pieces of cake to go. Now, with our lack of spanish, (Jen is a greak spanish speaker but she wasnt with us at the cake shop, just Dil and I), I asked for a 2 piece to go in English. The girl at the counter couldnt understand what the heck im on about, and a couple sitting at the table were basically on the floor laughing.. damn locals :p.. So here came my handy hand signals... i pointed to the cake, then in the air, with my hands, i make a box, put them in the box, put the box in a bag, and held the bag and mimicked as if i was walking off with it. The darn couple were almost literally on the floor now. The lady at the counter had a to contain herself a bit too.. and Dil was just oblivious to the whole thing. well, cant really blame her, she was a bit tired. So was I. So got the cake, and when back to the small hotel, and started eating it. Lets just say it wasnt the best cake in the whole world, but kept eating it, well as much as we could anyways..

So headed back to the hotel, and had a good sleep. The next day we were driving off somewhere.. not sure of the names. From now on, each of the blog entry is gonna have spaces in it, as Im not entirely sure of the names of the places.. lets see how i do..


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